We are in a new world where AIs are becoming more and more smarter. For the average person, this can mean a lot of things, from better search results, better ways to reach offers like the 1xBet registration Ghana or promotions in any other place, to better reviews of a foul in a sports game. Since things are developing rapidly, it is only to be expected that AIs have come to a point where they can do even more, like play board games. Yes, tabletop board games which people have played for over 50 years. Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa are now up to speed with some of the board games and can even beat you while playing them. Here are the board games to consider.

Ticket to Ride

It is an old game, released in 2004. It is a game played by 4 people and you can substitute one of the people with Alexa, if there are too few to play the game. The basic principle of the game is to create the longest and most valuable railroad network. The game can be played with instructions, Alexa teaching you how to play it, rather than just beating you at it. Losing to an AI is not a disgrace, they are getting smarter with each iteration, beating people in multiple games, from chess to MOBAs and strategy games, not to mention shooters.

Ravensburger kNOW!

This is a rather difficult name, even though it is simple at heart and a play on words. Ravensburger is a known quantity when it comes to high quality puzzles, yet they show that they can make a great board game, as well. It is a quiz game which claims to be one of the most updated games on the market. How is that possible? Through Google Assistant, of course. With over a thousand and five hundred questions, you will need Google Assistant’s help at some point.

X2 Games St Noire

It is a rather futuristic name for a game which does appear and is futuristic. It is a voice controlled mystery murder solver game. It is AI powered, as well. The name is futuristic, but the game is obviously real, in the present. 12 suspects and 7 days to solve a crime. Can you do it? The 7 days pass quickly in real time, from 15 minutes to half an hour, depending on how you play and whether the game beats you. Alexa is necessary for this game, so make sure to have her nearby. 

When in Rome

Do as the Romans do, or rather, as some of the 20 various citizens of other cities throughout the world. Alexa can teach you whatever it is you need to know about the world. The citizens will ask you questions, using slang, no less. Be ready to answer.

With how AI development is going, we are definitely going to have a Skynet situation sooner rather than later. On a more serious note, even though AIs are used to improve science and the process of research, they are also used for entertainment purposes and with great success.