What is an operating system, anyway? Why do we have to use these things and not simply just play games or go to https://1promo.codes/betway-bonus-code/ to have some fun online? Well, even consoles use operating systems, albeit modern consoles are almost like PCs in that regard.

An operating system is used to communicate with and manage hardware and other software and provide the software with the necessary services, layer to work with. But why should you care? Well, if you are a gamer, you should. Gaming is easier on some operating systems than on others and given that you can play on all of them, here is a list of operating systems to choose from.

Linux – Surprise!

Most would choose Windows first and rightfully so, but respectfully, they would be wrong. Linux is free, customizable and safe. It is up to the user to make it their own. An uninterested user would have trouble even with Ubuntu, which does everything for you.

Regarding gaming, Steam made leaps and bounds with their Proton software, which enables more than 80% of the Steam library to work on Linux. Some games do better than others but most do just fine. Why waste money on an operating system when you can get it for free? More developers are looking towards Linux and some triple A titles work on Linux natively, without any Steam magic.

Windows – The Gaming Standard

Even though Windows falls short on some features compared to Linux, like scalability, safety and privacy, it does provide you with an amazing gaming platform. Most games are made with Windows in mind, to use DirectX and other Microsoft features and libraries. You do have to pay for Windows but almost all games should work there, hassle-free. It is the operating system to consider if you are a gamer who doesn’t like to use a terminal (even though Windows has one).


This one is very different. Linux and Windows machines can run on any PC hardware and you can easily upgrade it. Apple builds their products with planned obsolescence in mind and you pay through the ears for it. While MacOS does run most games well, you have to pay a hefty price to get a Mac which will always have slightly worse to simply abysmal hardware than what you would be able to build with the money you would pay for one.

Consider MacOS if you need Apple services for anything other besides gaming.

Which is the Right One?

The answer lies in whichever you choose. Do you want a free system with lots of open source, great and free software? Then Linux is your answer, even though you would have to learn some things.

What about hassle-free gaming? Then Windows is the answer. It lacks privacy and security features, but it can be made better with some tweaks.

Do you want to pay lots of money for an inferior gaming and hardware experience but get a great os with lots of its own features? Go with MacOS.

There is no right or wrong answer here, just good and slightly better, depending on how you look at the world.