Given how modern operates and how much we rely on technology in general, some advancements in science tend to be overlooked. For example, we can never regard a new discovery as groundbreaking as wheel or electricity, as those were really game-changers. Even the internet that had a drastic impact was not perceived as revolutionary, since it was gradually introduced and evolved throughout use. That being said, people have always easily adapted to every new addition on the internet really well; remember when we didn’t have messaging apps on our phones? Today we rely on them for every communication that’s long distance (or even short-distance, let’s admit it.) And while some people love exploring the internet for its breaking technological advances, some people use Videoslots in their free time as a form of entertainment!

It is important to note though that evolution of technology is still happening, and there are some projects that are still in their infancy and that are likely to revolutionize the world we know today. Once again, this won’t be a drastic change, we will buy version after version and new things won’t feel as amazing as they would if we got the latest product right from the get-go. So, here are some of those exciting breakthroughs that we rarely talk about.  

Zero-carbon Natural Gas

Creating eco-friendly energy sources isn’t necessarily going to change our everyday lifestyle or habits, but it will allow them to persist. In other words, we will still use electricity, transport, heating etc. but this time our living environment will hopefully be less toxic. The world is really struggling with keeping carbon emission in check, and breakthroughs like these can help us avoid potential natural disaster. The idea behind this technology is to have newly engineered items that are modified in an eco-friendly way.

To specify, they will be able to capture carbon that is released through the burning of natural gas. This way the greenhouse effect is mitigated, and at the same time, we still get to use cheap and available fossil fuel. 

Digital Money

Crypto-currencies are another amazing breakthrough, but as we have seen no one jumped on that wagon right front the get-go. Of course, this is understandable as everyone is careful with their finances, and trusting in something you do not understand is not a very wise move. However, years later more and more people seem to be learning about digital currencies and blockchain technology, and as a result, they see its value and how reliable it can be one day.

The system is not flawless of course, but so far it’s promising and it’s going to make financial fraud a lot more difficult. 

3D Metal Printing

Everyone was excited about 3D printers, and today we are seeing more of them being utilized. The initial versions were great for designing plastic prototypes, or just funny figurines, but current versions can do so much more. Today we can even use them to create building materials, making construction projects a lot faster and easier. With new possibilities of creating large metal structures, we can safely assume that manufacturing business is going to be dominated with 3D printers. Furthermore, 3D printers are used to create house building materials that are eco friendly, which once again will help us preserve our environment. 

Babel Fish earbuds

Everyone who really wasn’t into learning a foreign language can finally rejoice, and anyone who worked as a personal translator is likely less excited for a product like Babel Fish earbuds. Although this product is not out there yet, we can definitely expect it to be completed at some point. The idea is to have earbuds that automatically translate speech to your native language. This will allow people to communicate without learning a new language. Still, it’s not one of those evil products that aim to leave linguists out of business, as mastering a new language is always better, since you get to enjoy an entirely new culture and art.