There are so many ways to have fun in our free time nowadays – and while some people entertain themselves offline, by hanging out with their friends, there are many who like to search for entertainment from the comfort of their homes. Some play games, others use jackpotcity bonus code, and others watch movies or TV shows.

When it comes to TV shows or movies, they work well if you are tired or in need of a laugh, or if you want to watch something artistic which criticizes our modern society, or any society, for that matter. Shows and movies can also raise awareness about various topics. That being said, the easiest way to watch a movie or TV show is by using streaming services. The truth is that there are so many streaming services out there and you shouldn’t really be subscribed to more of them, unless you absolutely want one thing which another streaming service does not have.

Here are the best streaming services to consider.


One of the first to be popularized and arguably best streaming services which you can subscribe to. It is amazing in multiple ways, because you have on demand content to watch immediately.

Netflix is slow to adapt new shows from other brands, but they do release their own shows immediately, all of the episodes so you don’t have to wait months to watch something. Being one of the cheaper streaming services, they offer so many movies and shows that you might have option paralysis.

There are alternatives, happily.

Amazon Prime Video 

Amazon entered the streaming game and brought their Prime services along with it. Amazon has fewer choices when it comes to movies and shows which might be a good thing for many people. On the other hand, if you are an avid watcher, this might be a problem for you. Have in mind that Amazon’s Prime services are good for so many other things, like discounts, in game loot and various other shopping related perks. That adds a lot of value if you use Amazon frequently.


HBO is great and has plenty of amazing movies and TV shows for you to watch and plenty of their own exclusives. Paying their middle of the pack price is worth it if you want to watch their content, in high quality. They also offer various movies, new ones, which you can watch upon release. Try them for seven days and see what they offer. You might like them more than other services.

Zack Snyder, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is one of the best live stream services which you can subscribe to. They offer not only regular streaming services, but also plenty 85 channels from cable TV, as well as multiple local channels, made for your location, specifically. This is the best TV streaming service you can subscribe to.


NBC’s mascot is colorful and so the aptly named streaming service is. It offers various shows and content from NBC, as well as content from other brands. It is the only streaming service to stream The Office in 2021, or rather, its reboot. It is also a free streaming service, albeit limited in that mode.

These are the best streaming services which you can subscribe to at the time. Browse their catalogs and opt for one, or find one that suits you even more. Happy binging!