We all like to play games; from board games, bingo on https://bets-promo-code.co.uk/, to all sorts of video games. It’s understandable why – it’s fun! But out of all the games I listed, there’s only one type that has gained a massive following and the games in question are video games.

One of the reasons why video games are regarded as an art form is interactive games. Games can tell a gripping story and are presented in such a way that you really grow attached to the characters, and in many cases, they do this better than movies. As player agency dictates how in-game character behaves we can help but be truly immersed in the story. This is why horror video games are way scarier than horror movies. There are many games that are exclusively narrative-driven, and some studios like Telltale Games that mainly develop such games. So let’s see what are some of the most renowned interactive games out there.  

Witcher 3

One of the reasons why The Witcher books became so popular and why we even got The Witcher Netflix series is because of the huge success that came from video games. Players get to play as Geralt, a human enhanced through mutations and magic made for a sole purpose of fighting monsters.

On a first look, it may appear like a hack and slash game but it actually has a very gripping narrative and a lot of interesting side stories along the way, which all help you really get inside the world of The Witcher. Witcher 3 is probably the best game in the past decade, and even people who are not into video games have heard of it. 

God of War

God of War was mainly a hack and slash video game where you get to embody a rage-fueled warrior called Kratos. So, when a new game came out where you try to escape your past and have a life that does not involve going on a killing spree everyone grew to love this character even more, although the old Kratos was amazing as well. You don’t have to play previous instalments to truly enjoy the new one, but they are loads of fun and you won’t regret it.  

Last of Us

Probably the best game that came out for PS3, and a proof that even a cliche setting as a zombie apocalypse does get in the way of having an incredible story. The focus point of this game is a relationship between Joel and Eli. Joel loses his daughter at the very beginning of the story and grows attached to Eli who he needs to escort to a research facility in order for scientists to find a cure for the zombie plague. The game has amazing moments and does an outstanding job at making you feel like you are fighting to survive in an abandoned world. 

Most importantly, you really care for the characters and empathize with Joel who is a thief and outlaw by all standards. Survival is hard and even if you do survive the same cannot be said for your humanity, but you cannot forsake it completely at the same time, and that is also at the core of this game. The game was so great that it really made you feel you made a mistake for buying Xbox 360 at the time.