Google, Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, Facebook and many others are brand names we see on a daily basis. These are all giant tech companies that created revolutionary products which we all use. Technology and innovation are at the very centre of our lives, so it would be interesting to see who are the biggest tech giants in the world today. Surely, you already know about them, and things can change on an annual basis. Some of them will be worth more, others less, but it’s really a competition between these corporate titans that we all find interesting. So, let’s see who are current leaders in the tech sphere judging by brand value. 

Apple (352B)

Everyone gets excited when new Apple products are announced, and over the past several years a new iPhone always has its time in the spotlight. Apple has done an incredible job at creating amazing brand loyalty and it’s user base continues to grow, which is quite evident from the rise in their profits. Of course, no can deny the quality of the products or the quality of customer service if some of them do not live up to the consumer’s expectations. 

Microsoft (327B)

There is no surprise here, the company has been around since the 70s’ and we all know its founder Bill Gates. Almost everyone who uses a PC relies on Windows as an OS, and a lot of gamers who love consoles buy Xbox. Microsoft even has its own smartphones and it never stopped improving.

Google (324B)

Google is pretty close to Microsoft, and once again this is a company that has amazing innovations in terms of both tech and AI. It is the name we all think about when someone mentions a search engine, and the majority of smartphone users are using android phones, a system that is developed by Google. It’s really hard to imagine that anyone will outcompete these three companies anytime soon, given their finance and the amount of talent that they acquired over the years. 

Tencent (151B)

Here is a name we don’t hear as frequently, but it is one of the most valuable tech companies. Tencent is a Chinese multinational tech conglomerate that was founded in 1998. Tencent is one of the largest video games vendors and it also owns the messaging app called WeChat. In China, they rarely use social media platforms like Facebook or messaging apps that are created by foreign companies, so the products they use are mostly created by Tencent. So, if all of China basically uses your products that is still an outrageous number of users. The company has also acquired one of the most popular MOBA games called League of Legends, and we can expect similar power moves in the future as the company continues to grow.