Getting updated on the world’s crazy things and its many nuances takes time. With so many technological innovations – new smartphones with new features, new apps, new betway bonus code India that we can use for online betting, new photo editing programs, etc. – it would be very helpful to have a place where you can read about these innovations so that we know how to apply them to our needs. Reading only large news sites will consume your time and they will annoy you to turn off your ad blocker, some even forcing you to. On the other end of the spectrum, you can turn to something a bit more personalized, like blogs. Not every kind of blog, blogs related to tech.

Here are the best blogs for tech-heads to follow.


Some blogs go way back, some are around 16 years old, yet very relevant. You don’t have to have a huge heritage to be good. This blog does a lot of things right, like cover stories from various parts of the tech world. Whether gaming or entertainment, you can read up on the latest news. Products are always a good thing to read about, not to mention if they are actually reviewed, rather than simply talked about. It is one of the go to blogs for tech people.

Ars Technica

This title is very interesting, because it stands for Art of Technology and they do mean it. Their articles are very entertaining and can engage new users super easily. That is great because the more users are engaged, the more people will be interested in tech, the more coverage it gets. Ars Technica does a great job of making sure that everybody is satisfied, from tech-purists to newbies who simply want to get a read on which headphone is worth it, without going into super nitty gritty details.

Tech Radar

This is the site to visit if you want to get to know new products. They do an excellent job of reviewing products and giving you an idea of why a product might be good or bad. They also point out the price range, which for a lot of users, is highly important. Gadgets and products of all kinds are what you can find on their site, from headphones to desktop computers, computer parts and laptops and everything in between. 


This site deals with tech reviews, like most of them do, but they also post news about various topics you might not have known about, or thought you would care about. They have a dedicated video section if you want your things in video and with audio. Some people don’t like text. For those wanting a regular blog experience, that is also an option and the most frequently updated one.

These are the best blogs which every tech-head should visit at least once, or follow if they already haven’t. They do everything from product reviews to news, so make sure to give them all a visit and get updated on the world of tech.