Every day, we learn something new, especially if we pay attention. We are given opportunities to engage in multiple activities throughout the day and with the use of technology, we can enhance our experiences a lot.

Entertainment, specifically, has progressed far beyond what it used to be 20, let alone 30 or 40 years ago. This is largely due to technology advancing really quickly. Modern day technology has brought us some really interesting entertainment options. Here they are, in no particular order.

Audio Online – Free Streaming

With there being millions of songs online, from various bands and even some local recordings of local artists, you can listen to all kinds of music from all over the world. You can listen to most of this for free. Some streaming services require fees if you want access to high quality music or if you want to download music. Given that you can listen to music as much as you want, for free, you have great music at the palm of your hand, quite literally.

Smartphones – Computers in a Pocket

With smartphones, you have endless entertainment options. How about listening to music while taking a walk or while driving? Everything is possible with a few button presses, or rather, taps of a screen. We no longer use physical buttons unless they are rather specific like power and volume buttons. 

With smartphones, you can choose to do multiple things, from watching videos, listening to music, playing video games and even working in professional software.

Watching Movies Online – Streaming Services

The rise of streaming services began with the popularity of Netflix. Now you have many who joined the fight from Amazon, YouTube, Hulu and many more. Even large broadcasting networks have their own streaming services, offering you databases of movies and past shows. Some sports sites offer streaming of sports and various other things which might interest a sports fan.

Online streaming has taken entertainment and brought it to the everyday user, who prefers watching things on their mobile phones, even, rather than a large TV.

Video Games – Digital Downloads

Once upon a time you had to have floppy drives which were rather unstable and simple magnets could delete your game. CDs were a bit more robust but insanely slow and prone to scratching.

Today, with digital downloads, you can play any game you want, with a few clicks and an hour or so, while waiting for it to download (depending on the speed of your internet connection). Video games have entertained us for more than 40 years and they are likely to continue to do so, even better than before.

AI Enhanced Entertainment

Artificial intelligence helps us in many ways. Your searches are enhanced by AIs, working to give you the best results. On the other hand, you can play many games and even battle against an AI, where the AI will most likely beat you unless you are on the level of a professional. 

In streaming and broadcasting, AIs are used to help referees by reconstructing scenes, as well as displaying various statistics for the customer to see and watch.

The world of entertainment is also forced to go forward, as is everything else. It helps that we want to have everything better, including entertainment. Who knows what it’s going to look like in 20 years, but we sure hope that it will be even more amazing.