The world is amazing and with every year, new inventions come around. People often don’t hear about them because they are buried with news of other things like smartphones, new graphics cards, and other things that large manufacturers want to be in people’s heads and on newslines and ad spaces on sites.

You have to actually try to find new gadgets or have a vague idea of what you are searching for. Following are some of the best gadgets for home use which you have never known to exist.

Smart Pet Food Dispenser – Feed the Pets Even When Away

Some people want to feed and play with their pets all the time. Others haven’t the time or the energy to play and feed them constantly so they leave a lot of food. The pet often doesn’t know better and eats all of it, leading to it puking and making a mess, one way or another. It also starves for the rest of the day.

The Smart Dispenser will release food at an appropriate time, something you can control with your smartphone, obviously. You can set specific times or release it on your own, when you so desire. It is great for people on the go.

Smart Monitor for Diapers

There is nothing like your baby crying and you rushing over to see whether it peed or pooped itself. A diaper change is a normal experience for a parent. A smart sensor to monitor when your baby pees is great because you get an instant notification and know when you need to do your loving duty. It also tracks peeing and defecating, meaning that you have a vague idea of when your baby is doing its thing. This can do wonders when the time comes for the baby to learn how to use the toilet.

Alarm Clock Rug – Wake Up, Sleepy

We are all used to doing incredible things to shut our phones up and snooze them a million times when necessary, ending up late to everything. Well, that can change with an alarm clock, which is actually a rug. You cannot turn it off unless you stand on it for a specific time, forcing you to get back on your feet. If this doesn’t wake you up, then you might need a cannon or something similar.

Digital Radio Headphones

Why not listen to the radio with just the headphones? Who needs a phone? You don’t. You can listen to AM and FM radio with the Peltor Digital headphones. Find your local stations and enjoy the talk shows or music. Who says the radio is dead? Queen believed in it and you should, too.

Eve Aqua – Smart Lawn Irrigation

Everybody who has a lawn and flowers knows how difficult it is to water them every single day. Having an automated system is much better than even turning a faucet. Why not install Eve Aqua, a smart water irrigation system that mounts below your faucet. Control it from your smartphone and things get much easier. Set up a schedule and things get even better.

These are some of the best home gadgets you didn’t know existed.