PC gamers love their hobby and their machines, obviously. Some love them because of the things they do and the way they enable them to play games while others prefer their looks and the time and money they invested into the builds. But, once you build your PC, there are some other things to consider if you want to finish your build, or rather, make it your own. Accessories are important and PC gamers cannot really do without some. Here are the accessories every PC gamer needs.

A Mousepad

It is even a question whether this is an accessory or mandatory at this point. You can play without a mousepad, however, it is a bit wonky or it can be, depending on your mouse, its sensor and the surface you are playing on. Also, a mouse sliding on a surface other than a mousepad can produce some really strange noises which tend to bother the gamer ears.

Whether a small one or a large one which covers your entire keyboard and then some, you should consider a mousepad. 

A Camera

Most people today use computers for meetings as well as gaming. You cannot really do a video call without having a camera. A high quality webcam can do wonders for your meeting, making you look more professional. Some people use DSLR cameras to stream their content, for example, but that is taking it to the next level. A DSLR is great for streaming but it might be a bit too much for a simple video call. Consider a new webcam if you want to improve your video quality, whether for streams or for meetings.

A Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical keyboards have been common before the 90s. In the 90s, they discovered that membrane keyboards are much easier to produce, as well as cheaper, making mechanical keyboards a tad harder to obtain. They are having their renaissance, with every company offering a mechanical board, not to mention switches being produced left and right and come companies reviving legendary switches. The basic reason to get a mechanical keyboard is supreme accuracy and feel, not to mention longevity. They will last a lot longer than a traditional board. Oh, yeah, you can change individual switches as they break.

A Good Ergonomic Chair

Let us be honest here, gaming chairs do not tend to have the best ergonomics, even though they look amazing and have that racing chair vibe. Racing chairs are great for racing, but not as much for your back. Look up ergonomic chairs, there are plenty of reviews online. Famous brands like Herman-Miller and Steelcase make great chairs, but they cost as much as an entire PC rig. They are worth getting and usually last more than their owners. 

PC gamers love their rigs but enhancing their experience is possible through some well placed investments. Whether by purchasing a better chair or a better webcam, you can make your gaming experience better. A microphone is something to consider, as well as better speakers/headphones. 

With these accessories, you can game comfortably and truly enjoy the high end which is the PC.