The easy way to answer this question is just electricity, considering how almost everything we use requires electrical power to work. That wouldn’t be too much fun though and it kind of stops you from thinking what are the most used devices. Sure they were not around centuries ago, and people got by without them just fine. Or did they? 

Thanks to technology and science we managed to extend our lifespan multiple times, and illnesses or conditions that were fatal in the past are now really just a hindrance. However, we, as regular people are not often using medicine or medical tech, so it wouldn’t be fair to list those items here as well. What we love using is the internet and all the technology connected with it: we use the internet for learning about new computer gear for example, we use it for learning about things that we find interesting, for example, about new video games coming out etc. But enough of that. Today’s article is all about tech that changed our world drastically! So, without further ado here 5 technologies that are so integral to our lifestyle we are practically addicted to them. 


Computers, tablets, smartphones or computing devices, in general, are really used non-stop. We use them to type, draw, create digital goods, maintain communication, have fun and do our jobs. In fact, many jobs exist mainly because we invented computers. Even though a lot of us experienced what it was like to live without a PC, the truth is we would not go back to that time now that we got the taste of this tech. It replaces phones, TVs, typewriters, record players, and it runs video games.  


This one is really obvious, and once again, we know that the world was just fine before the invention of the internet. This is one of the inventions that really changed our lives and made everything more convenient. Communication, shopping, working from our homes, paying our bills, and getting information from all over the world. Even with all the bad stuff, it brought like fake information, cyberbullying, data/identity theft, computer viruses or malware, social media addiction etc. we still use it, and wouldn’t go back. There are times when we want to unplug and have tech detox, but still, it would be foolish not to use the world wide web.   


I don’t think freezers get enough credit for all the hard work they do. We have to admit that our lives and the world, in general, would significantly change without the ability to store food and keep it fresh. Imagine how often you would have to go to the store, or how stores would even restock. Without freezers, they can’t have all that food on display. It’s too big of a risk if something does not sell they would have to throw it away more often. 

Water filters

Although our planet is mostly water, it’s not drinkable, and even the water we can drink needs to be filtered. There are so many microorganisms and bacteria that our bodies can hardly handle at once. This is why it is recommended not to drink tap water when you go to a different country. 


Finally, cars or transport, in general, plays a huge role in our everyday lives. We need vehicles to get around, and to transport goods. Honestly, it would be kind of lovely, and more environment friendly for everyone to move around in horse carriages or even better bikes, but having the ability to cover long distances in a shorter time-span is just irreplaceable.