The world is changing and with it, games. We are interested in all kinds of games, including casino games for which we can use PartyCasino Bonus Code, board games that are always fun to play with friends, and of course, video games. People are crazy about video games. As new hardware is released, all of us want to grab a piece of the action and play some new video games. 2020 has been a wild year which left a lot of people with free time and nothing but their apartments or houses. Those who had loved ones nearby were luckier.

But, in a world filled with great video games, there can only be a couple which are called the best.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Oh boy, do we love HD video games. But this is not just a remaster of the regular game, where the graphics are better, widescreen and the controls are easier to use. No, this is a game of its own, glorious in its beauty and gameplay. SquareEnix knows how to make a great game, especially when it is already a great game and has millions of fans worldwide. There is nothing like a JRPG experience, and this is one of the many pinnacles of it.

Cyberpunk 2077

The long-awaited, many times delayed game, where the yellow template gave people nightmares and left them feeling dead inside, will now send you on a journey which can only be delivered by CD Projekt Red. Not many companies take their jobs as seriously when they say they want to push the boundaries of video games and RPG games, graphically and story-wise. A game is as good as its gameplay and story and Cyberpunk 2077 has both of it, finally.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Known for its beautiful graphics, many airports and plenty of planes, the Simulator is one of the best games you can play if you enjoy flying. You also need quite the computer unless you want to watch a slideshow, rather than play a game. The problem with a game which has a long draw distance is that your components can’t really handle it. It was the first truly next generation game.

The Last of Us 2

There is nothing like an apocalypse. Everyone loves to experience one, at least in video games. Outside of a video game, well, that would be a different story. Luckily, we have games like The Last of us 2 to make that a reality. A post-pandemic United States can be amazing to explore, with all the infected in your way, and communities striving to find their footing once more. 

Call of Duty: Warzone

Oh no, another CoD? Rest assured, this one is a bit different, because it is a battle royale game, rather than an old fashioned CoD. It expands the playing field to 150 players, while other games are limited to less than a hundred, and some not even close to it. Players get second chances, especially if they can win a 1v1.