Sports have always been a source of fascination for many people – there are fans who never miss their team’s game, who are always supporting them and placing online bets for their teams using Parimatch Promo Code. Sports are stronger than ever and they are not going anywhere, but there is a new addition to the mix.

Esports is popular in the modern world, so much so that regular broadcast networks are adding their own esports channels. This is amazing because it gives esports coverage and the necessary popularity that it can become competitive with regular sports, and educate and change the opinion of many unbelievers who categorically dismiss esports.

It helps that esports is pushing some very big tournaments with extremely large prize pools. Some of the largest esports tournaments have prize pools in the tens of millions of dollars. Here are the largest esports tournaments in the world.

League of Legends World Championship

The annual League of Legends World Championship or simply, Worlds, is a tournament where the best teams in the world meet and battle for the Summoner’s Cup. It is a prestige event which started humbly, (many memeing that it was in Phreak’s basement, Phreak being a caster) and grew to become one of the world’s largest and most covered esports tournaments. The prize pool for Worlds was 2.2 million dollars, but the teams get paid much more and have many sponsors. 

DotA International 

DotA 2 has plenty of major tournaments and an incredibly large prize pool of 34 million dollars. Its world championship is called the International and is an amazing experience. What it has in its prize pool, it lacks in coverage, compared to League of Legends, which overtook it in terms of popularity. But, having such a large prize pool makes it one of the most prestigious games one can compete in at the highest level.


Counter Strike Global Offensive is another relatively popular game which has multiple tournaments which are called Majors. Each of these tournaments has a large prize pool. It is not as large as other prize pools of other large international tournaments, but they are more than enough. The perks of CS GO are that there are so many tournaments to choose from, majors and smaller ones. While you have to wait for tournaments in others esports titles, it is not so with CS Go. 

Rainbow Six Siege

It is an upcoming esports title compared to these already established ones which are dominating in terms of views and prize pools. Rainbow Six Siege does not lack the prize pools, but the viewers. There are plenty of great players and personalities at the highest level and it is only to be expected that this title will grow in popularity. Its world tournament is called The Invitational and is slowly becoming more attractive as the years go by.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is another successful title, which has done well in 2020. All of these tiles mentioned here have done well in 2020, despite the difficulties of logistics and online play. Their international tournament is called the Call of Duty League Championship and is an international tournament which draws a lot of attention and has a hefty prize pool.

These are the top esports tournaments from the best esports titles, or rather, the most watched ones.