We are getting more and more inventions in the world of video games. Virtual reality is one of them, and then virtual reality for mobile devices. More and more people are playing mobile games and the mobile market is so saturated, that you can only expect there to be more mobile games. Smartphones have become our window into the world, and we use them for everything from ordering food to betting on sports with the Winmasters bonus code. Developers are crunching and making new mobile games, good and bad, and the people are consuming.

With that, larger companies have started to release triple A mobile titles. This is a new movement which has taken hold because of a large jump in mobile phone quality, as well as esports development for mobile devices. With that in mind, is the future of gaming going to be mobile? Let us explore that option.

Small and Fast, but How Fast?

Mobile phones are getting faster and that is a fact, but are they fast enough?

The ARM architecture is very interesting and can do its own set of miracles, like run native Photoshop, but at what cost? You can only make a very small chip as fast, before you run out of space. Impressive as mobile phones are, with their small screen and gimmicky controls, they will only be good for mobile specific games, for a while, at least. Their larger brothers are simply put, larger and can hold more silicon. That enables them to be faster and have better cooling, something really important for silicon-based devices.

Mobile Phones are Accessible and Convenient

Turning on your PC, carrying a heavy gaming laptop and being tied to a single space can be tiring. Yes, you can go to a friend’s place and game on their second hand laptop which runs games at 30fps, barely, but you are going to suffer. In come mobile phones, small, yet always there and pretty fast.

It helps that mobile games are built with mobile phones in mind, and are thus, often more optimized than various other PC and console games. With how convenient they are, it is no wonder that they will be here to replace their larger brethren, at least in times when people are too lazy to carry or use the stronger variants.

Everything Will Get Better – Mobile and Desktop

Technology is evolving, but not just one market. Both mobile phones and desktop computers, not to mention consoles, are evolving. They will all be smaller at some point, occupying less space while giving you a better experience. A phone can only be so large before it becomes a tablet. Laptops can be as large before they become TV screens with high end hardware inside. As everything becomes better, it will be a point of preference whether you turn to mobile devices or desktop ones.

What Are the Gaming Trends?

There are plenty of mobile gamers, lots of them. Yet, not everybody is on mobile phones. It is likely that more and more titles will be released for mobile phones. As esports titles have their own mobile versions, you can expect there to be more mobile coverage and more players.

Yet, esports titles are primarily played on larger devices and that makes a huge part of a competitive experience. Large screens, keyboards and controllers are an important detail of a professional gaming experience. We will likely be seeing more mobile titles, regardless of the impracticality compared to desktop variants.

The future will have gaming, yet mobile will only be a part of it, like it has been.