A world which is as fast as this one is simply home to so much stress. We cannot go through a day without something triggering us. Whether a comment on social media about someone we like, criticizing them, or a troll who is ready to spark the flames of war just because their day is not great, stress is everywhere.

There is a lot we can do to de-stress and relax. Some people love to spend their time in a hot bath, others prefer watching movies and funny TV shows. Others like to play games and bet online – for example, many people from Thailand love to use รหัสอ้างอิง Nova88 and bet on their favorite sports. Those who like games can choose between mobile games, board games, and of course video games. Video games help with stress, at least some of them. You might want to avoid MOBAs and multiplayer games unless you are playing them with your supportive friends. Here is a list of games to play if you want to relax.

Assassin’s Creed – Anything Other than the First Game

The first game is well and truly outdated and the game turns into a fetch and kill game. The other games in the series are packed with action and stories which will take you far away from the modern world, as well as your own world and problems.

The games also empower you, especially because all of the characters in the game, the protagonists, are much better than the average human, traversing walls and doing acrobatics worthy of professional gymnasts and parkour experts, while at the same time being as lethal as samurai warriors as well as ninjas. 

Heroes of Might and Magic III

This is just one of the HoMM games which you can play to relax. Alternatives are any turn based strategy games. In such games, you have all the time in the world to think about your next move. Play with friends against a strong AI for the best experience. Plan your moves and conquer the enemy’s castles and take their artifacts. Do it quickly before they flee the combat, cowardly as they often are.

Among Us – A Multiplayer Dream

Among Us is one of those multiplayer games which you should absolutely play with your friends. Someone is the killer, but who? You will soon find out which of your friends would be great at murdering their closest ones and not blinking an eye. It also takes skill, so it is not just about the poker face, or rather, poker voice.

Audiosurf 2

Why not listen to your favorite music turned into a track which you can surf and play to collect various points. This is not only very fun because you are listening to your favorite music, but also a great way to visually experience new songs and albums. The various key moments in songs will be represented appropriately, by a sequence of effects and track changes.

Relaxing is very important in our modern world. These video games can help you do it. Stay away from games where online communities tend to be toxic. Play something slow, or something with friends. Enjoy your time off.