Gamers often love talking about which device they prefer using when gaming. Some go for the consoles, some for desktop computers and then there are those who prefer mobile devices, but we don’t talk about those. All jokes aside, it has always been a question of should you simply get a console and play the games you love (even more so today, with so many exclusive titles), or build a PC and enjoy high quality, high refresh rate gaming, but for a bigger price? Let us explore the options.

Consoles are Much Better Today

With the launch of both the XBox series X and the PlayStation 5, both Microsoft and Sony (and AMD, since the consoles are using AMD hardware), brought us amazing consoles. The experience is a huge upgrade over the previous versions, as it should be. But that aside, you can play both new and old games on both consoles, as well as do it at a high refresh rate. The only problem is that if you want to play in 4K, you would have to settle for 60 fps, at best. Consoles can only do so much in a small, affordable package. There probably will be bulked up versions of the consoles, as there have been in the years before. For the price, you can’t beat the consoles.

A PC – The King of Gaming

If you have the money and the time, you should build your own PC, not purchase a pre-built one, but invest your time into building it, you will see the glory and pain which is PC gaming. Building a PC is almost like a religious experience, except with much smaller parts and PC case manufacturers ruining your day if they didn’t simplify the case front panel connection.

A PC can do many things, from being a rendering machine, a professional workhorse, a streaming machine, to simply being a very, very, high end gaming machine. The only problem here is that a high end graphics card costs more than a new console, which is only a single part. 

Which One to Get?

There really isn’t a definitive answer. If you are impatient and absolutely have to game right now, order a console. They will give you what you need as soon as they arrive and you don’t need to do much else. They will be limited in what they can do, but you could play the exclusive titles which are otherwise unavailable.

For the PC argument, it takes time to build, unless you have thousands of dollars spare, in order to build a rig better than the current consoles. The problem here is that it costs much more and that you still need to build it unless you are purchasing a pre-built. A PC can double as a workhorse, which consoles cannot do. A PC also cannot play console-exclusive titles, which is another counter argument. It all depends on how much money you have and whether you want to just game or do more than game. 

Is There a Winner?

Well, no, not really. The winner is you if you don’t have buyer’s remorse and if you are actually using your new console or PC. Both have their place in the world, one is for gamers only, and watching a bit of content, and the other can be both a gaming machine as well as a workhorse and an expensive video/audio player.